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Budget Sliding bed

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Discover the Space-Saving Sliding Bed with Drop Down Doors: Unbeatable Value for Compact Vans!

Unleash the power of efficient design with our simplified sliding bed featuring drop-down doors – a must-have solution for smaller vans where every inch counts. Crafted to perfection, this sliding bed offers exceptional functionality while delivering incredible value, making it an essential addition to your campervan setup.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Compact Vans: Designed with compact vans in mind, where headroom is at a premium, this sliding bed transforms your limited space into a versatile sleep and storage haven.

  • Material and Length Options: Constructed from sturdy 15mm ply, this sliding bed is available in a range of lengths from 1400mm to 1900mm. Its dimensions, boasting a width of 660mm stowed (extending to 1100mm), a height of 320mm, and accommodating wheel arches up to 300mm tall and 160mm deep, ensure optimal adaptability.

  • Customizable Width: Whether fully or partially extended, this versatile bed caters to your specific needs, providing a customized width to match your sleeping requirements.

  • Exceptional Value: Offering unmatched value for your investment, this sliding bed equips your campervan with a seamless sleep and storage solution without breaking the bank.

  • DIY Campervan Kit: Engineered for hassle-free DIY van conversions, our flat-pack campervan bed kit comes complete with all fixings and comprehensive assembly instructions. Enhanced with furniture blocks and threaded plastic dowels, it ensures solid joints while simplifying assembly.

  • Home Personalization: Delivered with an unfinished surface, this unit empowers you to infuse your personal touch. From paint and vinyl to decoupage and spray paint, you can create a campervan interior that's uniquely yours.

  • Assembly Flexibility: The bed conveniently assembles in two parts, offering the choice to screw them together or keep them separate for easy in-and-out movements as needed.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Length: 1400mm-1900mm (varies based on selection)
  • Width: 660mm stowed, extending to 1100mm
  • Height: 320mm
  • Wheel Arch Clearance: 300mm
  • Approximate Weight of Full Unit: 30kg

Please note that wood products' colors and grains may vary from those shown in photos.

Elevate your compact van living with the unbeatable value of the Space-Saving Sliding Bed with Drop Down Doors. This ingenious solution maximizes your available space while offering incredible affordability. Order today and unlock the potential of your compact campervan interior!

Please be aware that our furniture is custom-made at our West Yorkshire workshop, leading to varying lead times throughout the year. For current lead times, please refer to the banner on our homepage.