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Current lead times

Beds -  3-4 weeks

Pods - 3-4 weeks

Head lockers - 3-4 weeks

Cushions - 3-4 weeks


VW T5 / T6 Plywood Sliding Campervan Bed

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Our Standard Plywood Sliding Bed redesigned specifically with VW T5 / T6 and Transit Custom vans in mind.

The VW wheel arches have a lip that runs around the outside that depending on how your van has been lined could cause problems with our standard beds. To accommodate the lip, this bed has been is designed so the slats overhang the back rail. This overhang also helps with vans where the C-pillar stands proud of the side panels, just trim down the affected slats to suit (a 5 minute job) and you're good to go.

It is made from 15mm Plywood and is available in lengths 1900mm to 1500mm x 660mm stowed (1200mm extended) x 440mm tall and 350mm wheel arch clearance. It can be used either fully or partially extended to suit the width of bed you need.

The campervan bed features two doors which are secured with push button mini latches. The doors and their apertures can be routered to suit the fitting of edge trim. Routering is where a slot is cut into the outside edge of the wood which the edge trim can then be hammered into. Edge trim is supplied in a continuous length ready to fit at home after the final finish has been added to the unit.

This flat pack campervan bed kit is ideal for DIY van conversions and is supplied with all fixings and instructions required for self assembly. Our design includes furniture blocks and threaded plastic dowels embedded into the wood to ensure the joints are as strong as possible whilst still easy to put together. This unit is supplied with an unfinished surface ready to customise at home, e.g. with paint, vinyl, decoupage, spray paint etc. You can see many examples of how our customers have finished their units on our social media pages.

The bed assembles as two parts which can be screwed together or left separate if you plan on lifting them in and out regularly.

We now have a full range of mattresses available for almost all our campervan beds. Our campervan mattresses are made from 100mm thick premium grade foam and are upholstered in Charcoal coloured AquaClean fabric. AquaClean features a revolutionary technology that allows you to clean stains using only water making it great for use in campervan mattresses and sofa bed cushions. You will be sent two cushions in the same length as your bed, one will have a width of 660mm and the other will have a width of 540mm. 

Cushions are sent direct from the upholsterer and will be delivered separately from your bed. Cushions are made on a lead time which fluctuates throughout the year. Please see the banner at the top of the page for the current lead time time.



Length - 1900, 1800, 1700, 1600, 1500mm

Width - 660mm stowed, extending to 1200mm

Height - 440mm

Wheel Arch Clearance - 350mm

Approximate weight of full unit: 45kg Approx.


We make all our furniture at our workshop in West Yorkshire. Everything is made to order on a lead time which varies throughout the year. To see the current lead time please have a look at the banner at the top of the page.

Our furniture is made from wood products. Colours and grains may vary from those shown in the photos.